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About Us

About Us

JayaBharath Homes (p) Ltd., is a name instantly identified with Madurai. The city in which we are headquartered, which we understand with instinctive ease and with which we share our past and future.Jaya Bharath Homes operates out of spacious modern offices, located at 1/5,Natham Main Road,OOmatchikulamMadurai-14, in the heart of the city. Our offices reflect our futuristic outlook predominantly chrome and glass, fully networked and computerised, graced by select pieces from our excellent art collection.

Over the years, we have constructed luxury apartments, residential enclaves modern offices, showrooms, state-of-the-art software facilities and a multi-storey industrial complex. At any given time, we have a range of projects that are in various stages of conception and creation.We have progressively introduced value-enhancing features to our buildings. These include advanced fire and security protection systems and technology like the Integrated Building Monitoring and Security System, which centrally monitors all building functions and systems. This has enabled us to increase building efficiency and ensure the continual comfort of its residents. We were also one of the first to incorporate eco-friendly measures like rainwater harvesting and waste recycling systems into our projects.

Our corporate vision has evolved with time and organisational growth. Our vision and intent now encompass not just building better homes or offices.but providing a better quality of life for people who are part of any facility we have created. Sophisticated computerisation, constant on-the-job learning and personnel development programmes help us realise this vision.In recent times, our areas of operation and interest have expanded. They now include areas related to property management services, the hospitality industry and education.In the process of growth and change, we have created a brand name that stands for reliability, high professional standards and long-lasting customer relationships.

We 'Jayabharath housing started our construction work on 1984. With the name of “Jayabharath construction” . Our concern joined (P) ltd' hands with real estate too with construction.We glowed tremendously in the year of 1996 with the share holders and we have attained the title of (P) ltd. With efforts and customer satisfaction. Continuing this we constructed many group houses, row houses and individual houses. The joined hands of Managing Director, and other Directors, Architect, Chief Engineer, Project Engineer and others made us to construct more and more hundreds of houses in full swing and made our customers more comfortable with full satisfactions and our success also having the reason of latest technologies used by us imported for abroad.

We work with full effort to shine and look different from other promoters. We try to bring more and more beautiful houses which will give full satisfaction for our customers / parties. Our specialties are automatic shockabshoer dining table, inner cooling wall putty, vertified tiles and others which are unique features of Jayabharath Homes (P) Ltd and these differentiate us from other builders.Each and every house under our construction is built with full care and efforts to give out best for our customer's satisfaction with proper planning by our Architect, Chief engineer and other Engineers who, work for the best out coming. Our individual houses is protected with four side compound walls, water heater provision in each house, granite in kitchen, tiles in bathroom and these comes out beautifully at the end of completion construction.

Our individual projects are as follows:
  • Jayabharath - I -Vasuki Street, Ganapathi Nagar, Madurai-12.
  • Jayabharath – II - A.P.K.Road, Madurai-12.
  • Jayabharath – III - Parasakthi Nagar, A.P.K.Road,Madurai -12.
  • Jayabharath – IV - A.P.K.Road , Madurai-12.
  • Jayabharath Homes- OOmatchikulam,Madurai-14
The above projects enlarged our construction experiences with more and more number of houses with development in technologies in each and every project.

Now our concern has the following human resources to come out with fabulous success:
  • 2 Architects
  • 3 Structural Engineers.
  • 12 Engineers
  • 17 Supervisors
  • 26 Office Staff
With these staff our concern works with centralized A/C and wholly computerizes office room.

We captured the best name in the whole Tamilnadu especially in the Madurai city and we stand for the first and best individual houses. This reputation itself capture more customersWe also have huge enquiry from U.S.A, U.K, Singapore and others (i.e.) The Tamiliyans settled in the abroad and they are mostly software, hardware related working staff. We also arrange for the bank loan for our customers and the loan procedure in properly followed and guided for NRI'S too.

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